O-Mok-See is a game that tests the speed and turning skills of both horse and rider.

The Java pony dances to the sounds of the tom tom drums at the Rengong festival.

Gypsy Vanners pulling a caravan to the famous

Appleby Fair in the North of England.

 Medieval Knights would ride out to battle on the strong and bold Percheron horses.

The Arabian is known as 'The drinker of the winds'

due it's incredible stamina.

The Shire  is the largest breed of horse in the world.

The Unicorn has cloven hooves and a beard, making it more closely related to the goat than the horse.

'Mustang' comes form the Mexican word 'mestengo',

meaning 'ownerless'.

The now extinct Nisean Horse was known as the 'Heavenly Horse' by the Chinese Emperors.

Bucephalus means 'Ox head'. This was because, like all other Nisean horses, he had horns.