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Here are some of my paintings.  I paint mainly animals. Pet portraits, but with a twist.

I imagine, after studying the characters, what they get up to when humans are not watching.

Dogs in cars, cats in bars, mythical horses moonlighting.

Some have been commissioned (they're the one with the * by the title).  Some have been sold. (note the **)

One or two are based on folk I know.

All have been painted with a wry smile and a huge amount of consideration. 

I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery.

All of the images are available as limited edition, archive quality prints on 315 gsm German Etching paper.

Please do look at my shop page if you'd like to know more, or contact me if you'd like to know even more.

Moorland Motoring.jpg

Moorland Motoring*

alone again.jpg

Alone Again..?**

Donkey and Crane.jpeg

Family Portraits #1. Happy Hour **

The Hounds from Hell.jpg
A Fine Vintage.jpg

A Fine Vintage*

Riding the Waves.jpg

Riding the Waves

summer holiday. jpg.jpg

Summer Holiday* 

The Hounds of Hells Day Out




The Siren and the Unicorn* 

The Harpies.jpg

The Harpies

Gary Houdini.jpg

Gary Houdini*

never get the minicab.jpg

Never Get the Minicab

Tally Pug!.jpg
bob, cone, gramophone.jpg
pirate radio.jpg

Tally Pug!* 

The MacRaccoons

Pirate Radio

Bob, Cone, Gramophone* (Dr. Robert Debonaire)



dogs on strings.jpg

Dogs on Strings


The Welsh Harpist**


Pegasus. Moonlighting.

Salty Sea Hound150.jpeg

Salty Sea Dog* (Hilary and Steven Hawkins)

Puff Puff and Away.jpg
double bubble.jpg

Puff, Puff and Away.*

Double Bubble *

Goat and Peacock.jpeg
Rhino and Flamingo F.P..jpg

Family Portraits #3. The Garden Party

Family Portraits #2.  High Tea 

Unicorn and Phoenix f.p..jpg

Family Portraits #4.  Harvest Festival. *

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